Project Males

Project MALES encompasses three interrelated initiatives with national, state, and local impact: nationally, it oversees an ongoing research agenda focused on understanding the experiences of Latino males across the education pipeline; statewide, it convenes a P-16 Consortium focused on the success of male students of color in six major urban areas through its Texas Educational Consortium for Male Students of Color; and locally, it coordinates a mentoring program that aims to cultivate an engaged support network for males of color at UT-Austin and in school districts across the Central Texas community, and serve as a model for other mentoring programs across the state.

Project MALES embodies praxis by fusing these initiatives through strategies that employ mentoring, research, collective impact, and dissemination. Project MALES Student Mentoring Program has a strong focus on mentoring, leadership development, community engagement, and collective impact, all of which serve to address the goal of enhancing the overall academic success and retention of male students of color in both secondary and post-secondary education. Project MALES is focused on the goal of enhancing Latino male student success at all levels of the educational spectrum.