Our Surveys

The Institutional Assessment Package (IAP) is a comprehensive assessment package for examining factors that influence student success in community colleges. The package includes three instruments that are designed to identify areas in need of enhanced attention for institutional practice and professional development. The IAP includes three instruments that gain insights from students, faculty, and student services staff. These instruments are the Community College Success Measure (CCSM), Community College Instructional Development Inventory (CCIDI), and the Community College Staff Development Inventory (CCSDI). 

CCSM – Student Survey

A student assessment tool for identifying factors influencing the experiences and outcomes of underserved community college students.

CC-IDI – Faculty Survey

A faculty assessment inventory to inform professional development needs for instructional faculty who teach in community colleges.

CC-SDI – Student Service Survey

A staff assessment inventory to inform professional development needs for student services personnel who support community college students.

The IAP is employed by colleges for a variety of reasons, including: establishing benchmarks for key indicators of student success, monitoring the experiences and performance of underserved students, and identifying areas (e.g., service usage, classroom engagement) in need of enhanced attention. Many colleges also use the instruments for accreditation reporting, strengthening arguments for extramural funding, and establishing new programs and initiatives.
IAP instruments have been featured by numerous media outlets as promising practices for improving outcomes for underserved students. These outlets include Diverse Issues in Higher Education, C-SPAN - U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and KPBS. Each instrument has been subjected to extensive psychometric testing for face validity, content validity, construct validity, and reliability.