The mission of CCEAL is to develop knowledge and advance promising practices that enhance access, achievement and success among underserved students of color. CCEAL was developed to advance three objectives:

  1. to conduct and disseminate empirical research on the experiences of historically underrepresented and underserved students in community colleges;
  2. to provide training that improves practices and research relevant to students of color in community colleges; and
  3. to use assessment and evaluation to facilitate capacity-building within community colleges.

More than 150 institutions have employed CCEAL instruments to better understand challenges facing underserved students and to design institutional interventions focused on redressing disproportionate outcomes. CCEAL has developed rigorously validated tools for assessing institutional efforts and outcomes relevant to underserved students of color. These instruments include the Community College Success Measure (CCSM), Community College Student Success Inventory (CCSSI), Community College Insights Protocol (CCIP), Male Program Assessment for College Excellence (M-PACE), Community College Instructional Development Inventory (CC-IDI), and Community College Staff Development Inventory (CC-SDI).

CCEAL houses the Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3) and the National Consortium on College Men of Color (NCCMC) which host trainings, information sharing sessions, and provides resources to colleges with initiatives and programs supporting college men of color.

Vision Statement

The vision of CCEAL is to become the hub of knowledge, research, and promising practices for advancing the success of underserved students of color who attend community colleges.


Core Package
  1. Survey Administration & Support: Includes onboarding campus partners, generating a random sample, updating survey administration protocol, providing survey materials, and offering survey administration support
  2. Survey Results Analysis: Analysis of CCSM and CC-IDI results, data disaggregation, to reveal patterns of inequity, and provide the college partner with its data sets
  3. Survey Reports: Reports are provided for the CCSM and CC-IDI, as well as key recommendations based on findings
Price: $25,500
Add-On Services
  1. Support for developing institution-specific survey questions; help improve question methodological rigor; conduct analysis and reporting on question results ($3,000)
  2. One-hour web-based presentation of survey findings or focus group findings ($2,500)
  3. Day-long campus visit to discuss survey results with multiple college stakeholders ($6,500)
  4. Focus Groups to deepen and expand insights from survey findings ($8,000 per focus group with a minimum of 5 focus groups required to generate meaningful data and insights); report included
Price: See Above
Licensing Package
CCEAL licenses the IAP to institutions that are well-equipped to own survey administration and analysis.

College Qualifications:
  1. Must have access to a scantron machine to process the surveys
  2. Quantitative analysis software is necessary to analyze the data (SPSS, R, Stata, etc.)
  3. Must have a strong Institutional Research Department to administer survey and analyze results
Price: $15,800