Matt Archer

Matt Archer, Ph.D. I have been a professor of anthropology at Sierra College in Rocklin, California for the past 15 years.  As a person ascribed with white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied privilege, I use my extensive involvement in Sierra College’s participatory governance systems to help advance educational equity.  I am the co-founder of the Sierra College Native American Student Equity Workgroup, an Academic Senator, the Co-Chair of both the Gender Equity and New Legacy Committees as well as serving on numerous other equity related taskforces and committees. I earned my A.A. and A.S. from Santa Rosa Junior College, my B.A. from UCLA and my M.A. as well as Ph.D. from the UT Austin, all of which were in the field of anthropology.  My current research interests primarily focus upon equity pedagogy and how to use anthropology education to help foster authentic student scholar engagement with positive personal and social transformations.  Other research interests include power and inequality in the US, discourse analysis, embodiment, systems thinking and the anthropology of becoming.