Institutional Assessment Package

The institutional Assessment Package (IAP) examines factors that influence student success in community colleges, particularly students of color. The package includes three instruments that are designed to gain insight from students, faculty, and staff/administration:

Community College Success Measure (CCSM) "student survey"

  • - An institutional-level needs assessment tool for identifying factors influencing the success of underserved students
  • - A focus on campus climate and non-cognitive outcomes
  • - A face to face scantron instrument

Community College Student Success Inventory (CCSSI) “staff and administrative assessment"

  • - An institutional self-assessment tool for determining an institution's readiness to facilitate successful outcomes for underserved students
  • - Assesses six critical areas of operation that influence success for underserved students
  • - An online self-assessment questionnaire for equity and leadership teams

Community College Instructional Development Inventory (CC-IDI) "faculty survey"

  • - An institutional-level inventory to inform professional development programming for instructional faculty who teach underserved students
  • - Evaluates 14 areas of teaching and learning practice that have an intensified benefit on success outcomes for underserved students
  • - An online questionnaire distributed to randomly selected instructional faculty
  • - Results that are immediately accessible and downloadable