Community College Instructional Development Inventory (CC-IDI) – Faculty Survey

A faculty assessment inventory to inform professional development needs for instructional faculty who teach in community colleges.

  • Evaluates 14 areas of teaching and learning practice that have demonstrated an intensified benefit for underserved student success
  • An online questionnaire distributed to full-time and part-time instructional faculty
  • Validated with a sample of 1,775 faculty members from randomly selected community colleges
  • Has been employed with faculty at over 170 community colleges throughout the nation

Deliverables – A faculty report detailing recommendations for professional development with a focus on teaching and learning practices based on threshold scores from national benchmarks. Data are disaggregated by time status (e.g., full-time tenured, full-time tenure track, full-time non-tenure track, part-time teaching here only, part-time teaching at multiple institutions) and level (e.g., developmental education, general education, major required courses, multiple categories).